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July 2010

Web Tour is a monthly feature where we travel the internet to find interesting sites and programs. Web Tour appears in the group's newsletter as well as here on our website. Just click the links below to visit the sites.

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David's Picks

This month David Yamamoto travels the web for us and leaves a trail of interesting websites

Do not miss this first one - it really takes you down memory lane

Technologies that Should be Extinct (But Aren't)
PC World

Android 2.2 outperforms iOS4 in JavaScript duel
TG Daily

Are Privacy Problems Finally Killing Facebook?
PC World

Automotive Care, Home Improvement, Tools, DIY Tips
Popular Mechanics

Borders Opens eBook Store - Electronic Books
Information Week

Can Internet Explorer 9 Put Microsoft in the Browser Lead?

Choosing the Best Pocket Megazoom Camera
PC World

IT news, features, blogs, tech reviews, career advice

Galaxy Beam Projector Phone Looks Worth the Wait
PC World Business Center

How to Buy a Laptop
PC World

iOS 4.0 vs Android 2.2
Know Your Cell

Camera Reviews and Exclusive Photo Tips
Pop Photo

New Technology, Science News, The Future Now
Popular Science

Reviews and News on Tech Products, Software, and Downloads
PC World

Reviews, News, and Opinion about Personal Technology
by Harry McCracken & Friends $b Technologizer

The Best Windows 7 Downloads
PC World

Top 20 Windows 7 Tips
PC World

I use the two sites below all of the time

Transfer Big Files Free - Email or Send Large Files

Speed Test


All of the Web Tour sites in the newsletter are archived and instantly available right here on our website. Don't waste time-consuming typing of the site addresses. Just click, and you are there.

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