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Holiday Shopping Lists Galore

David Yamamoto recommends the following as great
sources of food shopping list ideas for the holidays.
Just print them and check items off at the grocery store.

Don't forget to Google online coupon sites as well.

Dangerous Exploit in Adobe Reader

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Great support for Microsoft software

Be Careful What You Copy

Copy Machines Contain Hard Drives

Antivirus Comparison

In the January 2010 issue of PC World magazine
there is an article on the best antivirus programs.

Security News and Reviews

See the latest security news and reviews

IT Expert Voice

Interesting articles by experts

From 2007

"free apps you can't do without"
(PC Magazine - Summer 2007)


Clears out/Cleans HD and OS leftover stuff

File Shredder

Overwrites a file up to 15 times to "shred" it


Graphical HD, and files by size


Some said the best software firewall ever


Excellent free antiVirus software


Spyware/malware checker

Ad Adware

Spyware/malware checker

Hijack This

A spyware method finder. Creates a log file of all
processes. Useful to check for rogue apps running.
Use this only if you know how.


Malware/rootkit finder - use this in addition to others

Belarc Advisor

Comprehensive list of everything on your machine.
Also shows Install IDs for Windows and Office.


Temperature reports and fan controls all in one


Reveals and can *unlock* files "in use" by apps

Drive Key Boot Utility

Turns a thumbdrive to bootable


Windows Explorer - with Tabs!


Encryption without installing


Windows installer but with options and update add ons


Adds a -SPAM- tag to email it finds as spam

UD Pixel

Easily find dead pixels on your monitor

Clipboard Recorder

Record up to 99 copied items, even thru a reboot


For a list of Windows services and associated
programs, click Start, Run, and enter services.msc

For more information about a service, or
services.msc itself, search in Google

(Editing services can be dangerous)


Having switched to Comodo Internet Security
(see the August 2009 newsletter), I uninstalled
AVG 8.5, as it is not good to run more than one
virus scanner at a time, and found my computer
boots in seconds instead of minutes, and seems
to open programs faster

Barry Rose

Google Data Center
Inside a Google Data Center
Google's Web Servers, Revealed

ATM Skimming
and PIN Capturing
How to Spot ATM Skimming
and PIN Capturing Devices
Lauren Bernat article
ATM Card Skimming and
PIN Capturing Awareness Guide
Commonwealth Bank PDF


What are cookies?
Are they good or bad or both?
Should I enable or block them?
How can I control cookies?

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