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March 2010

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Add-ons for Firefox
by Bill Aulepp
Member - Phoenix PC Users Group

Many people use the Firefox browser but not all are aware that there are over 150,000 add-ons, extensions, and themes to help you customize your browser.

Firefox Add-Ons

Above is what I see when I go to the internet on my PC. If you look at the illustration you will see that I can click on anything from Latest Headlines to Drudge, my email, my bank account, and on to Wikipedia, but it does not end there. When I click on the double right angle bracket >> to the right of 'Wikipedia', a column appears with many more sites. These sites are put on as a function of saving sites via bookmarks.

That still isn't the end of the story. I use the add-on "xmarks".


xmarks stores the links (but not the passwords) to an uploaded site and will automatically download the same information to any other computer I have set it up on. When I make a change on any computer on which I have xmarks set up, the change syncs to my other computers. All of my PC browsers then have the same look and information.

You will note I have many other Firefox add-ons which appear as icons. So let's go to some of the "add-on" web sites where you can customize your Firefox browser the way you wish.

The Mozilla "add-on" site

Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes

PC Magazine reviews best Mozilla add-ons
Sep 24, 2009

There are thousands of add-ons available for Firefox that let you change the way it looks and what it can do

Firefox Add-ons Installation Guide

Installing Firefox Add-ons is quite easy. Simply follow the steps shown and in no time you'll be using your new extensions and themes.

More Firefox Add-ons and Personas

Firefox has more than 6,000 add-ons to help you customize it to your exact needs, plus thousands of Personas to instantly change the way it looks.

The above sites give one plenty of areas to draw ideas from, and a way to convert them into the browser you desire.


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