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December 2009

Web Tour is a monthly feature where we travel the internet to find interesting sites and programs. Web Tour appears in the group's newsletter as well as here on our website. Just click the links below to visit the sites.

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Web Tour Recap
Combining Sites for Handy Reference
by Bill Aulepp
Member - Phoenix PC Users Group

Internet Security


SiteAdvisor from McAfee. For IE and Firefox. Warns users of bad, fair, or good websites. Absolutely a must for every user.

System Utilities


Belarc does an "audit" of your PC's hardware, software, installation key codes (for example MS Office and Windows XP and Vista). Save and print these out as you add and remove programs, devices, etc. Even finds your motherboard's manufacturer and serial number. Very helpful when you call tech support.



Easily configured, does auto backup, synchronizing one directory to another, or bi-directional (be careful in how you choose overwrite options). Configs can back up by date and time, even several per day, week, etc. Not a mirror full-drive backup - only directories.

Screen Shots


Records video, screen shots, audio. If you have trouble or want to document what happens on your PC, this is excellent. The AVI files can be sent to tech support to show what happened, or used for training purposes.


Atomic Clock - Time Sync

Helpful if your PC time is drifting, before you replace your clock battery

Audio Recorders


Powerful audio recorder, editor, amplifier, noise reduction. Great for recording support calls, doing audio note taking, music editing, etc.

Deals and Giveaways


One deal of the day. Some excellent; some goofy. Hard drives, PC's, audio, camcorders, ...

Giveaway of the Day

Free daily programs, not restricted for personal use, but no support. Utilities, small programs, often useful, etc.

Computer Internet Connections


Access and back up your home or work computer from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Browsers and Email Clients

Web Browser

Get the latest security and stability release

Email Program

Includes intelligent spam filters, powerful search, and customizable views

Office Suites

Office Suite

This complete all-in-one office suite contains all that is needed for a productive day at the office, featuring word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more

Media Players

VLC Media Player

This is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols

Burning Software

CD/DVD Burning Software

Infrarecorder is a burning solution for Microsoft Windows, offering a wide range of powerful features, all through an easy-to-use application interface with Windows Explorer integration

Photo Image Software

The Gimp
Photo Image Shop

An image manipulation program with a new GUI (graphical user interface) that makes it easier to use

Accounting Software

Financial Accounting

Complete personal and small-business financial accounting software

PC Registry and File Cleaners

Advanced SystemCare Free
Registry and File Cleaner

Help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC

Compression Tools

Compression Tool

7-Zip is fast, efficient, and free

Search Programs

Ask Jeeves

An older site that just keeps going and going

Pronounced 'cool'

Less than a year old, it features long entries with thumbnail pictures - not your usual type of search site - worth looking into


The old standby


Formerly MSN Search


Another old standby


A search engine that uses the other search engines for a combined search

People Search

For a price, gives more than you probably want to know about a person - basic lookup is free

Electronic Manuals - Street Prices

Electronic Manuals

If you have ever lost the manual that came with one of your consumer electronic items, this is the place to find it. Try it out now! This site also gives street prices for the manual's item.

Driver Download Tool


Drivemax is a new tool that allows you to download the latest driver updates for your computer

Swiss Knife of Freeware


From this site you can find many, many free download applications. The Web Site describes itself as follows: FreewareUpdater is a small, yet powerful, software management tool to help you keep track of the most popular Freeware and Open Source applications. It is provided to you absolutely free. It provides you an interactive list of applications, which you can install just with a click. Currently, FreewareUpdater contains about $g 200+$n Freeware and Open Source applications that are presented in a user-friendly interface to ease your search and installation of free software.


¤ Calc Calc is a segment of the software package. It is similar to Microsoft Excel, with many similar features. Calc is capable of opening and saving spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel file format. It provides a number of features Excel does not include in the graphical area. Calc can convert spreadsheets to PDF files.


Gnumeric has Windows installers available. It is intended to be a free replacement for proprietary spreadsheet programs. Gnumeric's accuracy has helped establish itself for statistical analysis and other scientific tasks

Simple Spreadsheet

Simple Spreadsheet is a web-based spreadsheet program. It is released under the GNU General Public License, and is thus free software. It includes formulas, charts, formats, cell/row merging, cell locking, keyboard navigation, etc.


WikiCalk is a web application created by Dan Bricklin who, 27 years earlier, created VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet. It is currently, as Version 1.0, available for Windows, Mac, and Llnux/Unix.

Free Product Families

Comodo Free Products

An assortment of free products featured in the August 2009 Web Tour


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