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October 2009

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Installing Windows 7
by Bill Aulepp
Member - Phoenix PC Users Group

This month is dedicated to websites concerning Windows 7 and its launch to the general public on October 22nd.

FYI, Windows 7 Release Candidate, which some of us have been using, will be good until March 1, 2010, and then it will phase itself out during the next several months or so.

The minimum requirements for Windows 7:

CPU 1 GHz  
RAM 1 Gig
2 Gigs
(32 bit)
(64 bit)
HD space   16 Gigs
20 Gigs  
(32 bit)
(64 bit)

At first I had planned to write a column to assist in the changeover, but the subject is too diverse. Instead I have listed categories and the websites that provide pertinent information in detail.

Clean Installation

How to do a clean installation with Windows 7

Related links on the Seven Forums web page:
How to do a clean install with an Upgrade version
How to use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
How to do an Upgrade installation
How to set up Windows 7 to boot from a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)
How to create a VHD to start from boot
How to do a Repair install to fix Windows 7
How to activate Windows 7 online
How to extend the activation trial period up to 120 days
How to change the default operating system to start in Windows 7
How to change the amount of time to display the list of operating systems
How to delete a listed operating system at boot in Windows 7
How to create a Windows 7 installation USB key
How to create a new partition or volume in Windows 7
How to fix a missing Vista hard disk partition letter in Windows 7
How to do a dual boot installation with Windows 7 and Vista
How to do a dual boot installation with Windows 7 and XP
How to Install Windows 7 fast without a DVD or USB device
How to install Windows 7 without using any external device
How to do a custom installation of Windows 7

Upgrade from XP using PCmover

Using PCmover is the easy way to move from XP to Windows 7, but it is not free. We do get discounts, though. See below.

Microsoft is officially not supporting upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7, which means they want you to do a clean install. If you're like the average computer user, you have files stored all over the place, and might be worried about missing something if you wipe your hard drive and install Windows 7. There is a solution, but it will require one additional software application: PCmover.

This software application is designed to help you move files, applications, and settings from an old computer to a new one, but it also works if you want to upgrade and make sure things stay intact.

Once you download and install the software, the upgrade process is fairly straightforward. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Install PCmover on the Windows XP computer to be upgraded

  2. Run PCmover and select the upgrade option

  3. Install Windows 7, selecting the "do not reformat" option

  4. Once the Windows 7 installation completes, install and run PCmover, which will automatically restore all applications, files, and settings

Discount on PCmover

The list price on PCmover is $29.95

You can get $15.00 off with coupon code S6ch2 when you order PCmover or, for the Download version, the Windows 7 "pre-release" pricing is $14.95 until October 22

Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PC provides the capability to run multiple Windows environments such as Windows XP mode from your Windows 7 desktop

Note: Not all computers can handle Virtual PC

Windows Easy Transfer

This method is more difficult but it is free

With Windows Easy Transfer, files are transferred using a network, a USB flash drive (UFD), or the Easy Transfer cable

Note, if you opt to use a cable to transfer the files and settings, a special Easy Transfer cable must be purchased; a regular USB cable does not work

Windows Easy Transfer can move only data and program settings. You must then install your software programs on the new computer.

Windows Easy Transfer also does not transfer any system files such as fonts and drivers. To do this, you must install custom fonts and updated drivers again in Windows 7.

Upgrade Vista

Upgrade Advisor

To upgrade Vista to Windows 7 use the Windows Upgrade Advisor to determine if there are any problems. If there are no problems, or they have been eliminated, the transition should be pretty smooth, although you may first need to update your Windows Vista system to the latest service pack.

Various Resourses

Windows 7 Complete Guide

Finally, Microsoft has just put out a Windows 7 Complete Guide

Win-7 Pocket Guide

AND Microsoft has also put out a Windows 7 Pocket Guide

David Yamamoto Additions

David Yamamoto has kindly added the following Win-7 websites

Paul Thurrott's Super Site

Difference between 'Easy' and 'Simple'
Why this is a Problem for Windows 7

A great Google article, the difference between 'easy' and 'simple', and why this is a problem for Windows 7.


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